Ballistol Gun Blue Kit

Contains everything for the preparing and finishing the metal surface of your firearms
You easily get a deep black matt shine in a short time. Repairs small surface damages on gun barrel, barrel weight, screws and female screws, bolts
Please consider that steel containing a chrome rate over 3% also aluminium and zinc, doesn`t work as basis for Quick-Blueing and will not adhere
Kit Contains:
Ballistol Universal Oil Spray, 50ml
Cold Degreaser Spray. 50ml
Quickblueing, 50ml
2 pair disposable gloves
2 gloat hair brushes
2 lint-free wipes
9.900 kr.

Ballistol Klever Fast Bluing 50 ml.


 The useful novelty for both, experts and amateurs. Decayed weapons become like new again. Tedious dipping and staining processes are a thing of the past. Schnellbrünierung saves time and money!

Proceed like this: the weapon has to be degreased carefully (e.g. with Robla Cold Degreaser). Then apply Schnellbrünierung by means of a dropper or brush on the parts to be browned (Note that Schnellbrünierung does not work on steel containing more than 3% Chromium). Allow to react for say 3 minutes until a yellow-whitish cover forms. Then wash it off with water, dry it by dabbing with a soft cloth and spray BALLISTOL or Gunex-2000 on it. Ready!T hat can’t be done more simply, quickly and cheap, can it?

Schnellbrünierung guarantees permanent and wear-resistant browning.

4.240 kr.