Lyman Case Lube Kit


The Lyman Case Lube Kit includes everything needed to lube cases in one convenient package. The large cloth lubricating pad dispenses lube evenly on cases. 

4.960 kr.

Lyman Case Lube Pad


This case lube pad is perfect for the reloader looking to quickly and evenly lubricate cases prior to sizing. The cloth lubricating pad is designed to put the correct amount of lube on a case as it is rolled on the pad and the plastic case is designed to last. 

2.200 kr.

Lyman Case Sizing Lube 2 oz Liquid


Lyman Case Sizing Lube works great for resizing. Put a little lube onto a case lube pad and roll empty cases over the pad applying a thin layer of lube then size away. 

1.400 kr.

Lyman Quik Spray Case Lube 5-1/2 oz Aerosol


Lyman Quick Spray lube is petroleum based and allows reloaders to spray entire loading blocks full of cases in seconds. The Superslick lube helps prevent case dents and removes some of the mess from lubing cases.

2.400 kr.

Redding smurbakki


Vandaður bakki sem notaður er þegar patrónur eru fullþrengdar.

2.180 kr.

Redding Imperial Case Sizing Wax


Vönduð feiti til að þrengja patrónur, 2 oz.

2.000 kr.