Norma patrónur 300 WM.


Norma er heimsþekkt fyrir mikil gæði og gæði patróna er mikilvægur þáttur í skotfærum. Búin til úr besta mögulega hráefni og nákvæm smíði gera þau að góðum kosti til endurhleðslu. 50 stykkja pakkning.

9.400 kr.

Lapua patrónur 300 Win Mag


The .300 Winchester Magnum has been a staple within the firearms industry, widely used by hunters, target shooters, military and law enforcement agencies around the globe since its development in the early 60’s. It is still used for competitive target shooting, hunting, and Mil/LE platforms to-date. It delivers excellent long range performance with a wide range of bullet weights from 165 to 200 grains and more. The .300 Winchester Magnum has a great reputation as a .30 caliber magnum hunting cartridge in Europe and North America, and it is a superb choice in open and large hunting fields for long distance hunting of mid-to-large sized game with bullet weights exceeding 15,8 grams / 245 grains. The .300 Win. Mag case is a great addition to our line, especially with the huge bullet selection available for sport shooting and hunting for this caliber and all major rifle manufacturers chamber their rifles for it. 50 stk.


13.800 kr.