Rifle Basix Rem 700 LV-1K

  • Remington trigger with safety and bolt stop release
  • Will fit models: 700, 40x, 721, & XR-100 (Works with X-Mark Pro)
  • Also works with Bergara B14 series & CVA Cascade series
  • Typically used for Varmint shooting
  • Weight of pull range: 8oz-1.5lbs
  • Factory adjusted to break at 10oz to 12oz
  • Comes complete with instructions and hardware pack for easy user installation
  • Available in Black or Silver
  • For right hand action only
24.700 kr.

Jewell BR


Stillanlegur gikkur frá Jewell sem passar fyrir Remington 700 og aðra custom lása með Remington slot.

Stillanlegur frá 40 gr til 85 gr.

49.000 kr.