GRS Tvífótur


The perfect top-mounted bipod!

The new GRS bipod is a natural bi-product of our long-range commitment. A heavy-duty, rugged, yet simple to operate Bipod that can withstand whatever you throw at it. Simply made for when your shooting requires the utmost in stability and adjustability - The perfect match for prone shooting.

Spring operated adjustments in the length adjustment, Lockable side tilt.
Height adjustable from 8.66 to 12.4 in (220 mm to 315 mm) and in 0.39 in (10 mm) increments
Pivoting feet are made for different shooting surfaces. One smooth and one clawed side
Made for both top and bottom-mounted applications using our forend- or adapter-mounted spigots.

  • Requires a GRS Spigot when mounting on a GRS Bifrost. 
  • Requires a GRS Spigot and adapter for mounting to a GRS Warg, and GRS Ragnarok 
59.000 kr.

GRS Harris millistykki f. M-Lok


Sling stud for M-Lok mouning

The M-LOK compatible sling stud is a perfect way to attach a traditional sling swivel to your GRS Warg or GRS Ragnarok. 

It also works great with bipods designed for attachment via sling swivel stud.

4.900 kr.

GRS Spigot set


Spigot adapter set for Picatinny rail!

This set allows for quick and effective mounting of the GRS Bipod to Picatinny Rails.
A favorite of ours for use with the Bifrost, Warg, and Ragnarok stocks. Many customers have started using this adapter and GRS Bipod for IPSC competitions.
The combination of this set and GRS bipod makes an extremely stable shooting solution. 

The adapter shown is set up for top mounting bipods. If you are using it underneath the stock, you take out the top screw securing the spigot to the adapter, flip the spigot 180 degrees so the stopping pin is pointing the opposite way, and lock it in place with the screw. This is done in under a minute.

The set contains the GRS Spigot and GRS Spigot Adapter.

15.000 kr.

GRS Bag Rider


GRS Bag Rider can be mounted onto the Picatinny rail on the rear end of Bifrost, Warg, or Ragnarok stock.

We have also seen this bag rider used on other stocks as well.
This product installs in minutes and is a "must-have" when using a rear bag.
A GRS Rear Bag is a perfect match for a correct, smooth and frictionless recoil absorption.

9.500 kr.

GRS M-lok 80 mm rail


This M-Lok compatible Picatinny rail is installed in minutes on our Ragnarok and Warg stocks or any other M-Lok forend.
You can use this rail on the side to mount IR torches, cameras, or similar equipment.
Most customers use this on the bottom of the forend for mounting bipods.

3.000 kr.