Uovision Glory LTE/4G

Uovision Glory LTE/4G


NEW! UOVision's Cloud / App based cameras are easily managed via the free app and/or web portal.

This means that you get full control of your cameras and images wherever you are.

The advantages of cloud cameras over "traditional models" are:
• Very easy to install / get started with.
• All images and videos are collected in a free APP and web portal that gives you a good overview of your pictures and cameras.
• Unlimited cameras can be added to each account.
• Up to 12 guest accounts can be created and 12 cameras can be shared. Perfect for hunting teams and associations, government departments, local authorities and companies etc.
• Sends high resolution images and video to the cloud service.

The app quickly receives photo and video information from your camera and gives a very good overview of the camera's settings, structuring the images in an optimal way regardless of how many cameras you use. You have full access to the camera's photos and video and can change any settings from the app or the web no matter where in the world you are. The installation is also simple - the camera automatically connects to the operator's network and connects quickly with the app!

74.900 kr.