The Blaser Ultimate knife has a rotating blade and an accurately fitting Kydex sheath. The break-open blade with a bulged tip ensures that the game is broken open cleanly, in particular preventing injury to the rumen.

The rotating belt clip allows the knife to be attached to the belt in a flash and in various positions. The knife can also be removed from the sheath with one hand; when inserted into the sheath, the knife locks reliably with an audible "click".

A drain hole in the sheath ensures that water, for example, does not remain in the sheath and can drain away. The orange design makes the knife easily visible and helps to prevent loss when breaking open in the forest. A carrying loop on the non-slip handle has been omitted to ensure that the lock can be opened with a flick of the wrist.

Orange finish with orange sheath and black belt clip.

Steel 12C27 Sandvik

14.220 kr.